Wednesday, 13 May 2015


Otherwise known as "The Ship of Fools".

This has been a favourite image/conceit of mine for a long time ever since my first encounter with  it in W.H.Auden's Atlantis.

"Only The Ship of Fools is making the journey this year."

I come back to it every time I feel adrift. Now is one of those times.

This is my verse. Not as long as Auden's and, of course, not nearly as elegant.

The Ship of Fools is in dry dock.
They chip the barnacles off the hull.
They tar the wood, replace the nails,
And stitch the rents in all the sails.
The Ship of Fools is in dry dock.
When all is done, they let me board.
They float the craft, and hoist the main,
And then we put to sea again.

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