Tuesday, 24 May 2011

On a roll

Baked brie.

I have to be feeling really, really self-indulgent to do a baked brie. This one was done on a Friday after a particularly feral week at work.

This is double brie made by the King Island Dairy and I bake it in its little wooden box (although the side-band popped open in the oven and all you can see in the picture is a bit of the base). I stud it with cloves of garlic and drizzle it with good olive oil and into the oven it goes. Don't forget the rosemary on top - it steams in the oven and makes everything aromatic and wonderful. The honey (southernwood honey) goes on when it comes out.

I like grissini or melba toasts to dip into this. Sometimes I will toast hazelnuts and sprinkle them around the brie but this occasion was no dinner party, this was pure necessity, so no nuts, no delay. Just eating.

Baked brie is just glorious the way it melts to perfect creaminess and coats your grissini (and your arteries. Everything in moderation, people!)

I remember I had this with a very good local red wine (but I don't remember what the wine was). It was all a bit of a blur.

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